How to fix 921 or 403 or DF-BPA-13 error messages in Google Play / Android Market

For reasons unknown I started experiencing a 921 error while using Google Play (AKA Android Market) yesterday. I tried different reboots and removing my account from the device and re-adding it but nothing worked. Depending on how the wind was blowing I would either get error 921 or sometimes error 403. Once in a while […]

Musings on Broadband

Every so often I read news stories about one telecoms provider or another increasing their broadband speeds to N million customers. Just recently I read that one company was increasing its top end speed fromĀ 100Mbps to 120Mbps. And I started to think about why would I need 100Mpbs broadband? And if I did need it, […]

New Mac Bundle; $450 Worth of Apps for $49.99

The Mac Sale was launched today and for a limited time only you can get $450 Worth of Apps for $49.99. The bundle of 10 applications combines the products of both established Mac powerhouses and startup indie developers. The full list of applications in this exciting new bundle is: REALBasic Personal – The exceptional rapid […]

The Mac Sale Launches New Bundle; Register Now For Chance to Win an iPod

The Mac Sale has announced their brand new Mac software bundle, offering a great deal to both the developers of the applications and customers alike. The Mac Sale combines the products of both established Mac development houses and independent startup developers. The Mac Sale bundle goes on sale on the Tuesday 4th August 2009 for […]

GFI Backup Home Free Backup and Sync Software

I don’t often “recommend” software but there are two critical bits of software that everyone needs a good anti virus and good backup. For the anti virus I take the bold step of recommending AVG Free and for backup I just found out about GFI Backup… GFI Backup for Windows handles traditional folder and files […]

Olivier’s call to vote FreeNAS for Sourceforge CCA 09

SourceForge has announced the finalists for the 2009 Community Choice Awards. In its fourth year, the Community Choice Awards received the highest number of nominations from its community members to date, resulting in 85 finalists. The great news is that FreeNAS has been chosen as a finalist in the ‘Best Project’ and the ‘Most […]

New Blog: Network Attached Storage News

Following the success of my Learn FreeNAS blog I have started a new, wider and more general blog about Network Attached Storage. As well as covering FreeNAS this new blog will cover other NAS products (both free and commerical) including OpenFiler, NexentaStor and NASlite. The blog will also cover news and tips about the various […]

Teacher confiscates Linux CDs.

A teacher from Austin, Texas confiscated a bunch of CDs containing free Linux distributions from a student who was demonstarting GNU/Linux on his laptop and handing out the CDs. After this, the teacher sent an angry email to Ken Starks of the HeliOS Project, where the student got his Linux CDs from. “This is a […]

New Virtualization Blog

I have started a new blog called “Virtualization News“. The site concentartes on the increasing popular virtualization technology. Using virtualization a system manager can run several virtual computers on one single PC or server. This provides an excellent resource for testing new versions of system software without endangering the live systems as well as allowing […]