PayPal Says Linux Good; Know-it-all Web User Says Otherwise

Linux is being used to power PayPal’s entire electronic payment processing system.Their Linux system is currently processing $1,571 worth of transactions per second in 17 different currencies. But know-it-all web user knows better, told to apply for job at more | digg story

Article published: All about Linux Swap Space

I have had another article published by the folks over at This one is about using Swap Space with Linux. It has some techniques that may help you better manage swapping on Linux  systems and get the best performance from the Linux swapping subsystem. Read it here: Linux Swap Space

Visionary or Lunatic?

I have started another blog over at, I only just found out about tumblr (I know, where have I been living under a rock) but I really like their interface! Here is the URL: