My New Blog: Blogging And…

Since I do quite a fair bit of blogging I thought ¬†would start a blog about blogging! I've named it Blogging and…, as a style thing each post will start with "Blogging and …", for example the first post was called Blogging and How To Create a Free Blog at, the next Blogging and […]

Two atoms were walking down the street…

Two atoms were walking down the street. One atom says to the other one, “I’ve lost an electron! The 2nd atom replies, “Are you sure?” Says the 1st atom, “I’m positive.”

New Mac Bundle; $450 Worth of Apps for $49.99

The Mac Sale was launched today and for a limited time only you can get $450 Worth of Apps for $49.99. The bundle of 10 applications combines the products of both established Mac powerhouses and startup indie developers. The full list of applications in this exciting new bundle is: REALBasic Personal – The exceptional rapid […]

How long have I been using Linux?

I wrote a little email to someone recently about how long I have been using Linux and I though I would cut and paste a section from the email and post it here!  I’ve been using it since kernel version 0.96 which was was back in the early 90’s… In about 2002 I switched 100% […]