IBM offer Lotus office suite free of charge for Linux and Windows

IBM have announced that their suite of office applications called Lotus Symphony will be offered for download free of charge.Symphony is made up of 3 applications: Lotus Symphony Documents, Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets and Lotus Symphony more | digg story

iPhone coming to UK with O2

iPhone will debut in the UK on November 9 with the mobile phone operator O2 with handsets costing £269 (inc VAT) for the 8GB version. Tariffs will be available from O2 starting at £ more | digg story

SCO long and thanks for all the fish

SCO Group, best known for suing IBM about Linux, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. This was widely predicted even during the failed IBM law suit, but the timing as left some surprised as many expected SCO to run out of cash at the beginning of this more | digg story

Google Page Rank and the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

There is trouble in Google Land… Things are afoot, the Google tool bar page rank hasn’t been updated for months. Several big directories are finding their position in Google wobbling, site positions on the results page are bouncing up and down and there is talk that Google will remove the public page rank information displayed […]

Steve Jobs Writes Apology Letter, Offers 100$ Credit

After yesterday’s new products announced by Apple (such as the new iPods) and practically upsetting every current iPhone owner with the price cut after only two months being on the market, Steve Jobs wrote an open letter today to all iPhone owners. Jobs tells them that the technology lane is “bumpy”.read more | digg story

Top 10 websites for webmasters

Being a webmaster is a complex thing, you need to know about design, style, graphics, writing, servers, hosting, databases, SEO, blogging, advertising, marketing and more! Here is a list of top 10 sites which you will help be a better more | digg story

Switch reviews website to

Following my post on starting a web site review blog, I have decided to move the blog to… Since is owned by Google and Google love Google I moved the blog. And in fact it was the right decision, the blog got into Google’s index in just a matter of hours where as […]