Learning FreeNAS book “crammed with good information”

Utahcon, aka Adam Barrett, has reviewed my book Learning FreeNAS and he was impressed!!! He says “Overall I was really impressed with the amount of FreeNAS (and consiquently FreeBSD) they covered in only 200+ pages, but it was well laid out knowledge, and easy to understand.” You can read the full review here.

Only in America: Man hit by truck, then ticketed for jaywalking

A man who was hit by a truck near the city’s downtown was also slapped with a citation. Boise police ticketed Ebrahim Balah, 62, for jaywalking shortly after the accident Wednesday. Police said Balah suffered minor injuries and was taken to a local hospital as a precaution. Police said he was hit by a passenger […]

India: Two States Warned Against Allowing Persecution

After three weeks of widespread attacks on Christians and their property in Orissa state and other parts of the country, the federal government finally warned two states that their failure to prevent violence could lead to the imposition of “President’s Rule.” As more incidents of violence were reported from Orissa and the southern state of […]

Unknown score written by Mozart found in France

A French municipal library has discovered a musical score handwritten by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in its archives, the Nantes town hall said on Thursday. The one-page work, donated to the town by a private collector at the end of the 19th century, was until recently thought to be a copy rather than an original. The […]

World’s oldest man has 113th birthday in Japan (AP)

The world’s oldest man celebrated his 113th birthday Thursday in southern Japan, telling reporters he wants to live another five years. Tomoji Tanabe, who was born Sept. 18, 1895, received birthday gifts, flowers and $1,000 cash from the mayor of his hometown of Miyakonojo, on Japan’s southern island of Kyushu. Tanabe told reporters he wants […]

My OpenSolaris review on Linux.com

The folks over at Linux.com have published an article of mine about OpenSolaris. The review called OpenSolaris 2008.05 is robust and ready looks at installing OpenSolaris and well as looking at its unique features like ZFS. I hope you like it! Gary

Rover, call me an ambulance — dog calls 911 – Yahoo! News

“Man’s best friend” doesn’t go far enough for Buddy — a German shepherd who remembered his training and saved his owner’s life by calling 911 when the man had a seizure. And it’s not the first time Buddy has been there for owner Joe Stalnaker, a police officer said Sunday. On a recording of the […]

A couple of great pictures

I got sent some pictures by email today and I thought I would share them with you! Courage Tired

Police officer leaves gun in Starbucks (Reuters)

Reuters – A specialist armed police officer is facing investigation after leaving a loaded gun in a Starbucks cafe in central London, police said on Thursday. The unnamed officer, who the Sun newspaper said provided personal protection for Middle East peace envoy Tony Blair, forgot the weapon after she visited the coffee house last week. […]