Nova Ball now available for Android devices

My third (and final for this batch) app is now live in the Android Market: Nova Ball (Note: This link only works from within your Android device).

Nova Ball is a space/sci-fi accelerometer game. In the game you control the ball by holding your device parallel to the floor and tilting.

The game has three modes: arcade, mayhem and missions. In arcade mode you need to see how fast you clear each level. Mayhem is all about survival; stop the stars reaching critical mass. In mission mode you have to clear each level to progress to the next.

Arcade: This mode is all about speed. Collect the stars to clear the level. The race is against the clock!

Mayhem: Stop the stars reaching critical mass when the star coverage reaches 75% then critical mass will be reached. Not good! On the first level you need to survive for 75 seconds and then with each level you need last
5 seconds longer, e.g. 80 seconds for the 2nd level, 85 for the 3rd and so on.

Mission: Clear each level to progress further and further. There are 50 fun levels to play through.

You can find out more here:

Note: This app isn't free… It is my first Android app which users have to pay for… But it only costs £0.50 which is about $0.78 which is about a third of the price of a cup of coffee at Starbucks and loads less than a trip to the cinema…

Your coffee lasts about 15 minutes, a film about 90 minutes… Nova Ball will give you hours of entertainment for a fraction of the cost!

So go on buy it today… You won't regret it!